Teach his dog the command to “stand up”

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after ensuring that your dog has fully integrated the basic sequence of “sitting” and “lying down”, you can switch to the “standing” sequence, which also requires natural posture. By repeating the practice several times and based on the reward, you will eventually teach him to stand on four legs as required.


why teach him the order of standing up? How? The

stance is natural for dogs. Therefore, he is easy to accept. On the other hand, getting him to stand up as you ask is another matter. Learning the “standing” sequence from your four legged friends is not particularly complex, but this teaching requires a lot of repetition and patience.

of course, like every form of learning, positive reinforcement and reward are your best assets. They are more effective and respectful than shouting and punishment. They encourage your dog Companions to obey and try to please you. Most importantly, it also helps to strengthen your relationship and deal with your agreement in a good mood.

here are some tips to teach your dog to obey the command of “stand up”. Why should

teach him the command of stand up?

first of all, let’s remember that any order, practice and learning are beneficial to the relationship between the dog itself and you. Every time your dog partner learns something new and has the opportunity to practice, it activates physical, psychological and emotional mechanisms. In short, dogs are stimulated. Even the simplest and most “futile” commands on the surface are easy to accept.


, especially because they play an important role in consolidating your relationship and make your position as master and leader deeply rooted in his eyes. He’ll look at you until you ask him to do something. Kdspe receives suggestions from woopets through registered newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Learn more about the

of the “stand” command, which can be used to put dogs into “startup block” mode. In other words, the animal stands on four legs ready to take the next step. For example, the “standing” order can be an intermediate step between “sitting” and “recalling.”


“if he often sits or sleeps during nursing or bathing, you can also ask him to stand.” how does


as mentioned above, the “stand” command will trigger the dog’s most natural posture. However, he must have learned the commands of “lying” and “sitting” well, because they will correspond to the starting posture of the practice. The steps of these postures are as follows:


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holds candy (croquet), Lift it up to the height of your nose, let it sit down, and then lie down. When he lay down, he continued to put candy on his nose. Gently raise your hand and let him follow this action until he stands up. At this moment, say “get up” and give him candy and caress to reward him. Practice several times continuously for several days and several minutes each time to prevent fatigue. Slowly, take out the candy and let it obey the actions and verbal commands of your hand.

if it is difficult for him to master this command, youWhen you give the command of “stand up”, put your other hand under his stomach and gently lift him up.

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