The importance of respecting the cold chain in the transport and storage of medicines for animals

Illustration : "L'importance du respect de la chaîne du froid dans le transport et le stockage des médicaments pour les animaux" © Adobe Stock

The transport and storage of drugs and vaccines for animals requires specific precautions. Temperature is a fundamental factor in preserving these products as well as possible. Woopets is shining a spotlight on Koovea, a French company specializing in the cold chain, whose co-founder, Adrien Content, addresses health and financial issues, while offering an innovative solution.”

Our animals also need to take medication or receive their doses of vaccines. To preserve them, it is important to monitor temperature variations, a mission that the Montpellier startup Koovea has set itself.”

Every year, nearly $35 billion worth of pharmaceuticals (destined for humans and animals) are lost worldwide due to a break in the cold chain.”

© Koovea

Zoom on the health issues

In addition to the financial losses noted, Adrien Content recalls that a product exposed to temperature excursions can be dangerous for health.”

Such a failure actually causes various consequences, such as: – side effects; – a loss of effectiveness of the product; – a death.”

Every year, a plethora of pigs, cattle and other farm or pet animals are victims of negligence related to non-compliance with the cold chain. An ineffective vaccine, for example, exposes them directly to a myriad of diseases.”

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Koovea’s solution to avoid waste

According to Adrien Content, large quantities could be saved through small, very simple actions. Large systems, wired equipment or lack of connectivity: before Koovea entered the market in 2018, existing solutions were considered complex for all players.”

© Koovea

To overcome this difficulty, the company played the innovation card. The young team offers miniature temperature loggers that can be installed easily and quickly without outside intervention. Real-time connectivity makes it possible to act immediately to guarantee non-hazardous products and avoid significant financial losses.”

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© Koovea

With the rise of new technologies, Koovea revolutionizes the logistics of cold and tends to make it more efficient as well as safer, especially for the well-being of our animals.”

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