Interested by barking, passers-by discover and save three puppies trapped in a pool of tar!

Without the volunteers who came to their aid, kittens trapped in a tar puddle certainly would not have made it. Their saviors did not just treat them. Thanks to them, the family was whole again.

When residents found 3 puppies trapped in a pool of tar, the Indian Animal Aid Unlimited association immediately took action, as reported by Animal Channel.

The volunteers arrived on the scene, noting the great distress in which the poor little dogs were . The tar had stiffened and their bodies were literally trapped in it . Stuck to the ground by the substance, they could no longer move . They also did not have the possibility of closing their mouths .

As the members of Animal Aid Unlimited could not take them off, they had no choice but to take away the entire tar patches they were lying on.

At their premises, they first gave them something to drink, as the puppies were extremely thirsty . They used syringes to rehydrate and feed them . They then worked to remove the tar that covered their bodies. It was the most difficult and tedious step.

For 3 days in a row, the puppies received bath after bath and several long rubs with oils to rid them of the sticky matter that overwhelmed them.

Eventually, they managed to clean their skin and hair . The puppies began to gain strength from their care, but that wasn’t the only good news . Animal Aid Unlimited was indeed able to find their mother and brought her to the shelter. The family was finally reunited .

Here is their rescue in video :

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