Royal Canin shines a light on responsible ownership and animal welfare in France

Animal welfare is a hot topic. For the second year in a row, Royal Canin, leader in healthy nutrition for cats and dogs, has published a study carried out by the IPSOS polling institute. The latter is dedicated to the responsible possession of pets in France.

The household craze for pets is well established. The population continues to grow in France, with 15.1 million cats and 7.5 million dogs during the year 2020 (Kantar / FACCO 2020). Significant data in times of health crisis: our loyal 4-legged friends played a major support role .

65% of French people declared having strengthened their bond of attachment with their animal since the start of the pandemic. The various confinements established by the government have allowed owners to get closer to their cats and their dogs, who have become their everyday companions.


Animal welfare at the heart of the concerns of the French

The new IPSOS survey for Royal Canin has shown that 95% of French people are sensitive to the notion of animal welfare . The successive confinements have triggered a real awareness. The majority of pet owners have realized that spending time with their cat or dog, showing them affection and providing them with suitable, quality food contributes to their well-being.

IPSOS May 2021 for Royal Canin

The progressing act of sterilization also demonstrates everyone’s growing responsibility towards stray animals. But efforts are still to be made, particularly in the area of health. The evolution of medical visits remains stable, with 80% of French people taking their dog and 60% their cat at least once a year to the veterinarian (Kantar / FACCO 2020).

Kantar / FACCO 2020 and Barometer I-CAD 2020

The problem with the identification, a legal obligation but which remains insufficient at the national level, although the experts noted a continuous progression.

The importance of strengthening animal protection is deeply rooted in people’s minds

Another topical subject, but not the least: animal protection . According to the survey carried out, more and more owners are sensitive to this issue and actively support the various proposals of the Dombreval law against animal abuse.

9 out of 10 French people believe that it is urgent to act against the proliferation of stray animals, abuse and abandonment , a scourge claiming nearly 100,000 victims each year . Fighting against these evils is necessary, nevertheless a large part of the population still ignores the penalties incurred in the event of infringement.

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The study conducted by IPSOS for Royal Canin proves that the notion of responsible possession is gaining ground. This clarification is fundamental as the summer period approaches, generally marked by an upsurge in drop-outs.

In light of these data, the company tends to remind the owners of the duties of pet owners and make them aware of the reality of adopting a cat or a dog. </p

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