On vacation, animal lover helps 6 dogs in critical condition, including 2 females about to give birth

Henry Friedman always helps dogs in need, even when he goes on vacation. He recently rescued a group of canines on a secluded beach on the Baja California Peninsula, Mexico.

Henry Friedman is far from being unrecognized on social media. Since adopting Finn in 2018, a stray dog rescued from the streets of Puerto Rico, he has been traveling the country in his van. He shares his trips and rescues on Instagram.

© Henry Friedman

Although much of his time on the road with his loyal sidekick is spent helping animals, he sometimes enjoys taking vacations. But even on personal excursions, Henry Friedman always finds a way to launch relief operations.

While searching for a perfect location for camping on a beach in Mexico, the big-hearted man came face to face with 3 adult dogs and 3 dirty and desperate puppies.

© Henry Friedman

The dogs were in dire need of help

I really believe they were asking for help. They followed us to the campsite. They slept in front of our van every night and greeted us every morning when we opened the doors. I couldn’t have lived with myself if I hadn’t done anything , ” Henry Friedman told People .

Thanks to his connections in the community of animal rescuers, he was able to come into contact with 2 associations, The Animal Pad and Los Adoptables. The objective was to recover the stray dogs and to take care of them. Unfortunately, the intervention did not go as planned …

When the volunteers arrived after the vacationer had left, only 2 puppies were caught. Knowing this, Henry Friedman returned to the beach to save the 4 remaining vagrants. He managed to collect them and get them into his vehicle. “ They were very malnourished, covered with ticks, and were very scared and suspicious of men, ” said the 30-year-old.

The Good Samaritan then took them to San Diego, to The Animal Pad.

© Henry Friedman

All dogs have been adopted

Less than 24 hours after this mission, 2 females gave birth to 16 puppies. “ It’s like they waited until they were safe, ” said Henry Friedman . Moms and their babies have been placed with foster families. At the age of 8 weeks, the cubs were adopted. The other canines rescued on the beach also found forever homes.

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© Henry Friedman

You don’t necessarily need money or a social media platform to help an animal. You just need a little compassion and willpower, ”the hero revealed.


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