A family barely escapes a fire thanks to the incredible reaction of this dog!

A dog rescued residents of a nearby house that was engulfed in flames. He was the first to realize this and had warned his master, who was able to wake up the whole family in question to allow him to escape the fire.

On Saturday July 4, a national holiday in the United States, a dog from Tennessee became a heroine , reports Fox News .

Jeff LeCates ran to their house and started knocking on their door with all force, which woke the 3 family members. All of them were able to get out of their burning homes in time, including their pets .

The master of Roux then fought against the flames with a garden hose until the arrival of the firefighters , who eventually came to the end.

A rapid investigation carried out by the latter made it possible to understand the outbreak of the incident. A few hours earlier, the owner of the premises, who works as a canine groomer , had thrown her fireworks – yet prohibited in this city – and other flammable materials with her household garbage in front of her home. This is what the CCTV footage showed.

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In fact, this is the same person who, 15 months earlier, had helped Jeff LeCates adopt Roux , who was looking for a family at the time. The dog arrived at the right time for her new dad, who was bereaved by the disappearance of her German Shepherd .


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