14 superb photos illustrating the daily life of volunteers in an animal shelter

Karina Setani is passionate about photography and animals. She found a way to combine her 2 vocations while helping dogs and cats living in shelters.

Demystification of Voluntary Work ” is the title of one of photographer Karina Setani’s flagship projects. This is a series of photographs showing the daily lives of volunteers working in dog and cat shelters.

After a discussion with an acquaintance who was volunteering in one of these reception structures, the Brazilian artist established in Canada wanted to help the animals that live there too.

By taking pictures of them, it allows them to have more visibility and therefore increase their chances of being adopted.

With “ Demystification of Voluntary Work ”, Karina Setani wants to show the public what the daily life of volunteers in shelters really is and thus intends to pay tribute to them.

Here are 14 photos taken from the project and the photographer’s website …

1. A magnificent exchange of glances

2. Cleaning among the daily tasks of volunteers

3. Know how to reach out to those who need help

4. The latest arrivals at the refuge

5. Volunteer days are also punctuated by the care to be provided to residents

6. Volunteers work tirelessly to save animals

7. They are ready to do anything to help these little beings have the best possible future.

8. Availability at all times

9. Volunteers are also required to be versatile to take care of several animals at the same time.

10. They also know how to give love to these dogs and cats who are terribly lacking in it.

11. Volunteers know how to adapt to all circumstances

12. They give love without counting, but they also receive it

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13. Walks are always eagerly awaited

14. It is this kind of moment which makes that the volunteers manage to find the strength to continue, in spite of the difficulties and the tiredness.


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