A dog falls from a 10-meter cliff. To save it, its owners contact the Coast Guard (video)

Freddie was walking with his owners along the cliffs of Howth, a town in Ireland, on Sunday May 16. But an incident came to disturb their peace …

In general, dogs love to walk around. This is the case with Freddie . The canine was walking alongside its owners on Sunday night when it accidentally fell. After falling 10 meters, the animal found itself trapped in the middle of the rocks. He landed on a narrow ledge where he hung on tight, Irish Examiner reports.

Her family reacted immediately and cautiously: they contacted the Coast Guard.

© Irish Coast Guard

The dog has been returned to its owners

The rescue team quickly arrived at the scene. A climber pulled out his gear and climbed down to hug Freddie. The professional then dropped him off on the beach. The dog let it go and even wagged his tail when his rescuer stroked him to comfort him.

His mishap did not traumatize him and he escaped unscathed. His owners, grateful and relieved to find him safe and sound, brought him home where he fell asleep peacefully.

Contact the authorities to help an endangered animal

The Coast Guard praised the owners of Freddie for their calm and responsiveness.

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© Irish Coast Guard

Sometimes there are people who are like ‘Okay, the dog is stuck, I’m going to come down and try to save him,’ ” said Fergus Cooney , a member of the team. He urged pet owners to immediately call the authorities to deal with such a perilous situation.


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