15 heartwarming photos of dogs and cats who are their owners’ most precious treasures

Dogs and cats are the delight of their owners who keep taking pictures of them. As we can see in this selection.

Dog and cat owners agree that their 4-legged companions are the sunshine of their days. This will not surprise many people, since our pets have the power to cheer up anyone who crosses them. It is enough for them to be seen to delight the hearts of all.

Here are 15 photos of cats and dogs that are their owners’ treasures.

1. A Chihuahua who looks good for the photo

2. This dog does not hesitate to come and ask for his kisses when he wishes.

3. With a dog and a cat sleeping acrobatically and fantastically on the sofa, life is much better.

4. Their owner must find tips to distribute his petting evenly between his 2 dogs.

5. A Husky puppy ready to grow up to be a big guy

6. The dog company provides the warmest welcome to its owners on a daily basis.

7. Their basket hardly contains them since they grew up, but that hardly prevents them from sleeping together

8. They would like to know the reason for all this hubbub that prevents them from talking about business.

9. The surprise visits of this dog who sneaks under the blanket and comes to wake up his owners

10. The touching portrait of a dog and his friend

11. A Mexican atmosphere for your return from vacation

12. It is not always easy to find its place on its own bed when the dog lies in it before

13. The youngest is happy to be in the company of his elder.

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14. These furballs are the first thing their owners see every morning, and that’s okay!

15. The cat hinders the writing of this paper


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