Litter of abandoned puppies found in hole by volunteers at shelter in Canada

Learning that 2 puppies were wandering near a landfill, volunteers discovered more by locating their hiding place at the end of last week. The entire litter was taken care of and given to a foster family, while the little dogs were ready to be adopted.

The Manitoba Underdogs Rescue , an association based in Winnipeg in the Canadian province of Manitoba, was already on a mission when contacted for a rescue last Friday (April 2). 2 stray puppies had been seen near the local landfill and appeared to be on their own.

The volunteers immediately went to the scene and found the duo of young canines. While following them, they discovered that they were hiding in a small hole. The 2 puppies were not the only ones; there were several more at the bottom of the cavity.

The Manitoba Underdogs Rescue team had to dig to reach them. In the end, a total of 10 puppies were rescued, reports CTV News . They nicknamed them the “ Miners ”.

The entire litter was taken to the association’s refuge. The puppies were examined and cared for there, before being placed in a foster family.

They are doing really well. They are happy, they are starting to have fun with toys, ”says Meg Norton , coordinator at Manitoba Underdog Rescue . She adds that the puppies can be offered for adoption as soon as they are ready.

A record year in terms of the number of dogs to be taken care of

The volunteers will return to the place where they found them in the hope of finding their mother and saving her too.

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This year, Manitoba Underdogs Rescue had to deal with a record number of stray and abandoned dogs, over 100 in this case.


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