A family thinks they have lost their dog in a tornado. He made his return a few hours later!


A violent tornado had partly destroyed the house of a mother of a family, but also and above all took her dog, whom she thought she would never see again. The quadruped survived, however, and found his way home.

Last Monday (February 15), Brittany Memory , who lives in Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina (eastern United States), was intrigued by the unusual behavior of her dog Penny . The female Yorkshire Terrier had, in fact, jumped onto her bed and remained seated there. His mistress understood that something was brewing .

A power cut occurred and the wind became more and more violent . The mother of the family lit the torch on her smartphone and, immediately, a deafening noise invaded the premises. Brittany Memory immediately thought of protecting her son , then as she looked for Penny to shelter her too, almost everything in her house began to shake very badly.

An EF3 tornado on the improved Fujita scale was hitting the area. Winds well in excess of 200 km / h carried almost everything in their path. At Brittany Memory furniture and blankets were ripped off and mirrors shattered, but most importantly, her dog was sucked out of the house, as Live 5 WCSC reports.

She was hoping for a miracle and it did happen

I was terrified. I thought she hadn’t survived it ”. Despite the panic , she tried to reassure her child by promising him that nothing would happen to her and that Penny would be okay too. She did not believe in saying so.

A few hours later , the dog returned home alone. She was shaking with both cold and fear, but she was alive and unharmed . Apart from a small shard of glass stuck in her skin, she did not suffer from anything serious . Her owner took her to the vet , who treated her and confirmed that she was doing well .

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A true miracle , knowing that that day, the tornado had claimed the lives of 3 people , only a handful of kilometers from the house of Brittany Memory .

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