Homeowners, neighbors and firefighters rally to help a Golden Retriever stuck in a fence

The curiosity of dogs can sometimes cause them some inconvenience. In Cardiff, a town in Wales, a dog got his head stuck in a fence. Several members of the community intervened to try to free him.

Sam was the victim of a mishap that mobilized a lot of people on Friday July 2. The 9-year-old Golden Retriever, driven by his curiosity, went out to follow an interesting lead. The dog, by the enticing smell, found himself wedged between the bars of the fence separating the street and the garden. He was unable to remove his head, reports Wales Online . The situation turned out to be very uncomfortable and stressful.

When they saw him, his owners and their 2 children came to his rescue. They tried to lift the iron door, to no avail. The rescue operation quickly became a neighborhood affair.

© South Wales Fire and Rescue Service

Unity is strength

Several members of the neighborhood decided to lend a hand to the family in difficulty. The door refused to come off its hinges, despite many attempts. Despite the effort and determination, no one has managed to extricate the animal from its trap. Alun Boore , the father, therefore contacted the local authorities.

Firefighters arrived at the scene of the incident. Would they become the heroes of the day? Certainly !

The professionals used one of their tools to lift the door from its hinges, in order to rescue the Golden Retriever, much to the relief of those close to it. Sam remained calm throughout the intervention. After having lived a hectic day, he escaped unscathed.

© South Wales Fire and Rescue Service


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