The tribulations of an elderly dog, almost deaf and blind, found under a small bridge

In a city in the northwest of the United States, firefighters were called for help by a family who could not reach their senior dog, stranded under a small bridge after running away. The firefighters were as creative as they were effective in this rescue that was never before seen by them.

Lt. Matt St. Pierre , a firefighter in Hampden , Maine, is not used to this kind of response, but when asked to rescue a dog in distress, he was not. did not hesitate to take action. “ When people call, the only thing to say is: we’ll see what we can do, ” he told WABI in the wake of this operation.

On the afternoon of Wednesday June 23, Emily Barrington had just realized that her dog Ona was no longer at home. She had more than one reason to worry about the animal; 16 years old, partially deaf and blind, she was in great danger finding herself far from home and without her owners to protect her.

Emily Barrington’s husband was finally able to locate her in the evening. The senior dog was under a sort of small bridge, in the middle of the duct. Too weak to react, she stood still and moaned. Ona could not get out of it and it was impossible for her masters to reach her to retrieve her.


Like nothing ever happened…

It was there that they called in the Hampden fire department. Lieutenant St. Pierre and a colleague quickly arrived on the scene and improvised with the means at their disposal. After assessing the situation, the first crawled to get under the culvert from one side of the passage, while his comrade positioned himself at the other end to gently push the bitch in his direction to the using a pole.

Back in the open air, Ona quickly regained her serenity. Reassured by the presence of her family, she stopped moaning and resumed wagging her tail and walking, as if nothing had happened.

Emily Barrington and her family thanked the Hampden Fire Department for their helpful intervention. Ona , whom they adopted from a shelter, has been part of their family for 15 years.

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