9 hilarious photos of dogs having fun rolling in the mud on the walk

It is difficult for a dog to resist the temptation to roll around in the mud. After that, he becomes unrecognizable. It is this transformation that we discover in the funny photos below.

These dogs were obviously told that mud baths were good for the skin and they took it literally. They even gave it to their heart’s content, to the great despair of their masters. They must have gnashed their teeth when they saw them coming towards them covered with earth and water, from head to paws, thinking of what awaited them in the bathtub.

After a good bath , these happy doggies have found their pretty dress, clean and dry … until the next rolls on the muddy soils of the forests and the countryside.

They had a great time , anyway, and are ready to do it again whenever they get the chance.

Here are the photos of 9 dogs before and after wading in the mud …

1. The photos of this dog before and then after spending the day at the beach

2. What a contrast between the immaculate white of the dresses of these Samoyeds, then their state after having rolled in the mud?

3. Here is Harvey, a Golden Irish (Golden Retriever / Irish Red Setter cross) who did not shy away from his pleasure

4. Winnie, the young Labrador Retriever, did not go with the back of the spoon either.

5. Hugo the French Bulldog gave his mistress a hard time when she had to give him a bath

6. When Ralph the Boxer is not grabbing the remote, he is indulging in his favorite activity which is splashing through the mud.

7. Until then, Koira the Borzoi female had an impeccable dress.

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8. Onni, a 5 month old Samoyed puppy, obviously wanted to transform into Belgian Shepherd Malinois by wearing a mask, but in different colors.

9. Before discovering the joys of mud, Chipper wore a white and black dress; he added a 3rd color


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