The dog that helped its owner push a car during the floods rewarded for his bravery (video)

Lori Gillies / Facebook

At the beginning of August, Scotland was plagued by flooding. During this bad weather, a dog named Puck helped its owner push a car bomb into the water, in which 2 women were located. After this heroic act, the animal received a beautiful and delicious gift.”

Remember: on August 8, a man shared the video on Facebook, which went viral. Netizens were able to observe the 10-year-old English Springer emulating his owner, Lori Gillies, by helping him push a car stuck in the middle of a flooded road in Glasgow.

The dog, faithful and intelligent, climbed on his hind legs and put the other 2 on the trunk of the car. This courageous gesture made it possible to bring the women, initially trapped inside, to safety.”

After this unusual episode, Puck was hailed as a hero. We were just doing a good deed in helping this car and its owners reach drier ground,” Lori Gillies told the Daily Record with humility.

Lori Gillies

A paw stroke engraved in the history

The 4-legged hero, in addition to having received a succulent meal the same evening after returning home, was rewarded with a huge box filled with treats and other accessories. A pet food brand got wind of this successful rescue operation, and wanted to give a gift box to the brave dog for his hard work.”

Lori Gillies

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Little stories like this remind us that there are still good people with pets trying to do a good deed, said the company’s director. The Glasgow star has had the chance to revel in age-appropriate food that will help him stay fit and active, according to the donor.

Puck’s paw stroke demonstrated that pets are always ready to follow their adoptive parent wherever they go, and save the lives of humans.”

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