Teach his dog to walk on a leash

Illustration : "Apprendre à son chien à marcher en laisse"

outdoors, dogs have many sources of stimulation and interest: smell, other dogs, animals, walkers, etc. These are very attractive things, which can make dogs live a difficult life for their owners when walking. To prevent this from happening, it is important to teach him belt walking from a very young age.

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teach him some skills as early as possible before starting learning?

walking is a time that dogs look forward to very much. These walks enable him to breathe fresh air, stretch his legs, meet his needs, find smell, and strengthen his collusion with his master. To make these moments a new pleasure, the dog must learn to walk correctly with a belt without pulling, bending or dragging its claws. How to teach his four legged Companion to walk with a belt? This is what we see here.

teaches it

belt walking as soon as possible. The learning must start with the puppy. This is not impossible for an adult dog, but it is obvious that this task becomes more difficult due to its physical strength and possible bad habits.

puppies can start walking after vaccination. In this way, he can better protect himself from diseases that may be transmitted through bacteria, bacteria and other viruses.

at the same time, he must have been used to wearing necklaces. By the way, I have a chance to remind you that the dog must be loose enough to let two fingers pass through the dog’s neck.

once the dog wears a necklace, it will gradually get used to wearing a belt. For the first time, it’s best to let him walk around with a belt at home so that he can get familiar with it.

the most important thing is to maintain a happy and playful atmosphere throughout the learning process, so that the dog will not associate his belt with anything negative.

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. The first belt walk learning course is best carried out at home. If you can’t do this due to lack of space, it’s best to find a quiet, away from noise and less crowded place.


are designed to ensure that the dog won’t be distracted by things around him, so as to be more focused. Based on the observed progress, he may be used to walking on a belt on a busy street. In any case, he will have to face this problem in the future.

about the type of belt to be selected, it is recommended not to use retractable reel design, because they will distort the feeling of the dog through the change of length.

we prefer nylon models, or those with padded handles. Too short belts should also be avoided because they will make the dog pull farther.

finally, it must be very frequent to go out for the first time. Ideally, arrange 3 to 4 Mini walks a day.


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clicker? The belt must be floating and never tightened. In this way, when the dog leaves, it can gently pull in its own direction.Stay away from the right route. The dog must walk at the same level as the owner, not in front. If he wants to walk ahead, you should not hesitate to bring him back (and take care of him). Be sure that the side of the dog will stand in front of the owner when walking. Generally speaking, choose the left side when walking, alternating fast and slow rhythm. Observe both a sudden stop and an equally sudden restart. Our goal is to let the dog slowly adapt to the owner’s pace, even if the progress is too slow, don’t give up. Work and time will eventually pay off

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