20 dogs who sleep in incredible and completely wacky positions

Dogs have funny ways of falling asleep. These photos show them in some really hilarious postures.

Our dog friends don’t care about looking angelic while they sleep. As soon as Morpheus falls on them, they put themselves in completely insane and acrobatic positions. Which just proves their passion for napping.

Here are 20 photos of dogs sleeping in wacky postures.

1. Fall asleep with your head in your bowl just after finishing your kibble

2. This Husky puppy curls up on the couch in an adorable way

3. He was doing a scene because we would not come out for the 4th time when sleep fell on him

4. A Dachshund sleeping upright

5. He continues to play 1, 2, 3 Sun even while sleeping

6. Sleeping on your back and sticking out your tongue, exclusive to dogs

7. A French Bulldog who does not know that sleep is a time of relaxation and who prefers to climb while sleeping

8. He snuggles up to his mistress

9. When we had a ballet class that day

10. As soon as the Husky finds a place to prop up his head, he immediately falls asleep.

11. Some actions of dogs are a mystery to humans

12. The driver is not about to get behind the wheel

13. Here is a dog who needs to lose weight

14. These 3 Pitbull friends fall asleep in a row

15. He always falls asleep in the car

16. He has a habit of wanting to sleep at a right angle

17. As for this dog, he doesn’t really have a preference in terms of sleeping position, so he takes them all at the same time.

18. Half standing, half lying

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19. His owner was counting on him to have a good time out for a walk but he fell asleep right away

20. This Bulldog falls asleep by wedging between the back of his mistress and the back of the sofa


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