Dog in danger after accidentally swallowing needle and thread

Some dogs are able to eat anything they see lying around, so it is important to watch them. In Gainsborough, a town in Lincolnshire, England, a dog swallowed a needle and thread, much to the chagrin of its owner.

As a precaution, she took him to a veterinary clinic. Unfortunately, an x-ray confirmed his fears: the needle and thread ended up in the stomach of his four-legged companion.

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The needle might puncture the dog’s stomach

Even though he was doing well, the young canine, 7 months old, needed emergency surgery because the needle could puncture his vital organs at any time.

Fortunately, the surgery went well, Oscar was saved. This accident still left him with a scar of 15 centimeters on the abdomen. The caregivers kept him under observation for a few days, before handing him over to members of his household.

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We even got the needle back, with the thread attached! Said Emma Stainton , happy to be able to hug her beloved pet.


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