Dogs and children: precautions

Illustration : "Les chiens et les enfants : les précautions à prendre"

for dogs and children, you will never be affected by accidents. Parents must be vigilant to ensure that this relationship will only lead to positive results.

executive summary

ensures the education and socialization of dogs and teaches children to respect dogs. General precautions

dogs are good partners for children and vice versa. The former likes enthusiastic game partners, while the latter thinks they are loyal, dedicated and reassuring friends who can cultivate their sense of responsibility. However, there are some precautions to ensure that cohabitation is optimal and happy.

ensures the education and socialization of dogs. The education and socialization of

dogs from an early age is very important, Because it is they that determine its behavior with other individuals, especially children.

you will never talk too much. Taking a puppy away from its biological family group (its mother and other cubs) prematurely lays the foundation for many behavior problems,

in the next step, we must ensure that puppies contact as many people, animals of the same kind and other species as possible to adapt to their existence without negative reactions to them (fear or attack).

On the issue of education, it is equally important to establish restrictions as soon as possible, such as not jumping on people or not letting children go to bed. The most important thing is to be consistent and not allow them to do anything prohibited. There are no exceptions unless you create one

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Of course, another basic rule is not to excite the dog’s natural bite. When it is small and harmless, it may be fun to let it bite and shoot, but the consequences will become more serious with age.

teaches children to respect the dog

Children must understand that a dog is also a living creature, so it has the needs and feelings they must respect. Therefore, they must learn not to disturb the dog when it eats, not only because it disturbs it, but also because it is at risk of being bitten. In addition, it can also happen when you step on it or pull its tail or ear inadvertently.

general precautions

Dogs should not be left alone with one or more children regardless of their race, age, size and quality of education. Parental supervision helps to prevent adverse consequences of diseases and respond quickly to problems. Please also read: prepare for the arrival of newborn


. Hygiene precautions should not be ignored. Dogs must be kept clean in two aspects (do not do anything at home, but must be taken care of by the owner) Although children are encouraged to wash their hands systematically, their bodies are still fragile, so the risk of infection or disease remains. “

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