Dog found stuck in rocks on beach 3 days after missing

RNLI / Jordan Summersgill

A man and his Jack Russell Terrier were missing after a walk by the sea in northern England. The master was located and rescued at the end of last week, but the dog could not be found until Monday.

Alerted about the disappearance of a resident who was accompanied by his dog, the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) sent a team of rescuers to the beaches of Skinningrove , a coastal village in North Yorkshire.

As night had already fallen this Friday, April 9, they used a thermal camera to try to find the duo. Eventually, they were able to locate the man and rescue him, but there was no sign of his pet, a Jack Russell Terrier, the BBC reported yesterday.

Research continued, but to no avail. The canine was hopelessly nowhere to be found. The RNLI had to leave the scene without him.

One of the volunteer rescuers, Ed Thomas , however, kept thinking about the quadruped, himself being the owner of a dog called Olly .

A saving walk

This Monday morning, he took advantage of his 4-legged friend’s usual walk to return to the area where he and his colleagues had intervened the day before, in the hope of seeing or hearing the Jack Russell Terrier faded away. However, he did not want to have too many illusions: “ I feared the worst. If his leash had been caught in the rocks and the tide had risen, that was going to be bad news, ”he said.

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When he arrived, he heard barking coming from the rocks. He finally saw the dog, which had its paw stuck under a large stone. At first very agitated at the approach of Ed Thomas and Olly , he relaxed as soon as his paw was released. The trio then walked to Saltburn , and the Jack Russell Terrier was returned to its family.

A spokesperson for the RNLI assured that the found dog is doing well.

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