The dog is safe outside

Illustration : "La sécurité du chien à l’extérieur"

when you have a dog, it is strongly recommended that you have an outdoor facility so that you can consume and meet your needs at will.

executive summary

closes your outdoor activities in the best way and pays attention to water! Pay attention to plants and other possible dangers

, but remember that any garden, terrace or large balcony may pose a danger to your animals! So, what precautions can your partner take to play safely?

fences your external

fence in the best way. It is very important to prevent your dog from escaping, being run over by a car or hurting others. For an overview on this

device, choose a strong fence that matches the size and strength of your dog. If you have built roads on your land, check the overall condition of your facilities and note that even the smallest holes may expand. Check the condition of the fence regularly. Even if your dog is smart, it may pierce or tear off part of it when you are away! Watch out for puddles!

contrary to popular belief, a dog can’t swim. It can save itself from the water, but if it can’t go out, it will eventually be exhausted.

Receive suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Learn more about a dog should always be monitored near a water without a fence. Never leave it alone! If your animal lives outdoors, consider covering the water with a high and strong enough barrier to prevent drowning in your absence. Let him know the water level, tell him where the import and export are, and check whether he has successfully left himself. Pay attention to plants and other possible dangers

cleaning. Your animals may often eat grass on your lawn or outdoor plants! Here are some tips to avoid poisoning or accidents.


also read: the safety of dogs indoors.

toxic products that kill garden weeds are very dangerous to your pet. Consider wearing gloves, removing your dog from the affected area and immediately discarding the sprayed weeds to prevent your partner from swallowing them. Trim the hedge carefully! Stay away from your animal. The sap bomb may burn it! Be careful not to let him sleep under newly trimmed hedges or plants, because the sap is poisonous to him! Keep it away from plants harmful to dogs and pull out those dangerous plants.

to ensure the best safety of your dog, please consider monitoring your dog regularly when it is out.

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