Woman lets dad pick up dog from groomer, he comes back with someone else’s

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The Gucci owner will no longer instruct anyone to pick up her dog from the groomer after what happened recently. His father had taken care of it, but he got the wrong animal, giving rise to a great moment of panic.

The Gucci mistress is having fun today, but when the incident occurred, she was not leading off. She was especially worried about her dog, who had found himself alone at the groomer and who did not understand anything about what was happening to him, as News 18 reported on Wednesday (April 14).

The young woman recounted her misadventure through a video posted on TikTok and which recorded millions of views.

She explains that she took her dog Gucci to the groomer and then asked her father to pick him up at the end of the grooming session.

Only, the latter had totally mistaken the dog. He returned not with Gucci , but with another canine who had also just received treatment in the salon.

What the Gucci mistress pointed out to her parent, as shown in the screenshot below of their exchange of messages.

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The error has been corrected and Gucci has found its owner

In another video she posted later, still on TikTok , she reassured everyone by announcing that she was finally able to get Gucci back and bring the other dog back to the grooming salon. She added that she would now take care of picking up her pet herself the next times, to prevent such a misunderstanding from happening again.

Everything is back to normal, then. Gucci has found his real family. His fellow man, whom we had confused with him, very probably joined his, too.

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