This dog had lost taste for life, today he has won everything!

The dog Capone was the last one in the shelter where he lived to not have found a family. However, this brave boy was not lacking in qualities. The staff’s efforts to spread the word about its story have recently paid off …

Capone is a 7 year old American Staffordshire Terrier cross. The friendly and affectionate dog arrived at the Ionia County , Michigan shelter in 2017. Soon after, a family adopted him , but the experience did not last more than a year; Due to an altercation with another dog that had broken into the family home, his then owners brought him back to the shelter, as Carly Quinn , the facility manager, tells The Dodo .

This abandonment was dramatic for Capone . Depressed , he lost his appetite and his weight dropped dramatically. The staff at the shelter had to be tricky to get him to eat. The boxes emptied one by one as the four-legged boarders were adopted, while poor Capone seemed to interest no family .

Eventually, luck turned for the dog: A couple were touched by the photos and story of Capone posted by the shelter on social media. Jon and Ashlee had even made up their minds before they had the chance to meet him; they told Carly Quinn that they had gone to a pet store to buy everything they needed, including a tag on which they had the dog’s name written down, along with their contact details.

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And when, a few hours later, they came to the shelter for their first contact with Capone , the chemistry immediately kicked in . They knelt in front of him and the quadruped ran towards them to receive their caresses , under the moved gazes of the members of the refuge. Capone’s new life thus began …


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