Groomer saves life of man worried he won’t be back to pick up dog from salon

Taken with a faint, the owner of a dog was saved in extremis after the alert given by the groomer. The man had not come to pick up his animal at the grooming salon, which had raised the concern of the professional.

A dog owner was barely saved thanks to a groomer working at one of the PetSmart chain salons in Omaha , Nebraska (central United States), CNN reported on Wednesday.

It was the Nebraska Humane Society that delivered the details of this rescue earlier this week via Twitter .

Once the grooming session was over, the master of the quadruped did not come to pick up the bitch, who responds to the name of Lola . As it was not his habit to delay retrieving the canine, PetSmart sought to contact him, but he was unreachable.

The owner of the bitch was lying on the ground and in distress

The establishment then called the local animal control service, of which Agent Kisha Witherspoon in turn informed Misty Binau , an investigator at the Nebraska Humane Society . The latter went to the home of Lola’s owner, but received no response. Misty Binau notified local police and an officer arrived shortly after. Upon entering the apartment, he discovered the dog’s master on the floor, in bad shape after having had a seizure.

The man was quickly taken care of and hospitalized. As for her dog, she was left with her family until her owner left the hospital.

We are proud of Officer Witherspoon for his intuition, as well as Officer Binau and Operator Bieranowski for their prompt follow-up ,” one of the Nebraska Humane Society tweets read. The groomer also deserves to be applauded.

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