An online prize pool opened for the care of an army veteran’s service dog

Thanks to his dog Odin, a veteran of the Canadian army could better manage the troubles he suffers from after years of service. Today, it is his 4-legged friend who needs help. He is ill and his master cannot pay for his treatment, which is very expensive.

For Brad Locke , 20 years of service in the armed forces of his country have left psychological and physical consequences . This man who lives near Pierceland , in the province of Saskatchewan (Western Canada), suffers in particular from post-traumatic stress disorder .

He could however count on the support of Odin , his assistance dog , whom he adopted when he was still only a 9 week old puppy.

When faced with anxiety-provoking situations , his 4-legged friend would rub against his leg to divert his attention and comfort him . Odin also helped him by reminding him to take his treatments , putting his paw on his trouser pocket where he keeps the drugs.

Tens of thousands of dollars in veterinary fees

Now her dog is sick . He suffers from severe allergies , as well as an ear infection that is resistant to antibiotics , Global News reports. To save his companion, Brad Locke spent large sums of money, despite his limited resources. To date, he has spent 45,000 to 50,000 Canadian dollars on Odin ‘s care, but he has no more funds.

Desperate, he did not know where to find the money to continue treating the canine. But he regained hope thanks to the Veteran Association Thrift Shop in Calgary , which opened a “ Vets 4 Pets ” kitty on the occasion of Valentine’s Day .

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It is a Brad Locke moved to tears who thanked the organization for this initiative. His dog will thus be able to continue his care thanks to the generosity of donors.


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