Passers-by save an unconscious Pitbull in the waters of a lake and save his life by giving him a heart massage!

By mobilizing and practicing the right gestures, passers-by managed to revive a dog that had just lost consciousness after struggling to float in cold water. This rescue took place in Canada.

Pitbull dog Gryphon and her family can say thank you to anyone who took to the water to rescue her , as reported by DH News Vancouver .

The quadruped’s misadventure, which fortunately ended well , occurred last October in Western Canada.

That day, Gryphon had decided to swim in the cold waters of English Bay, located in Vancouver , British Columbia.

The bitch was far from suspecting that this action was going to cause her a very great fright . After resisting for a short while struggling, she began to show signs of fatigue and hypothermia . Her owner then joined her in an attempt to save her .

Very quickly, people who witnessed the scene took action, several of them also getting into the water to participate in the rescue.

Thanks to their joint efforts, Gryphon was brought back to dry land , but she had lost consciousness in the meantime. Passers-by then carried out a cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuver on the animal, which eventually regained its senses .

Out of business, the dog was then taken to the vet for a full examination.

Howard Chow , local police chief, paid tribute , via a tweet published on October 23, to all those who took part in this rescue.

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