The second breath of a bitch suffering from thinness and scabies

When Mikita was found wandering around a reservation in South Dakota, USA, it was difficult to pinpoint her race. And for good reason: the bitch was skeletal and had lost almost all of her hair.

A member of LightShine Canine, a non-profit organization that rescues stray dogs and cats, spotted Mikita and brought her back to the shelter. The poor bitch had skin on her bones; his fur had disappeared in many places on his body and his skin was irritated from the scabies. The Dodo reports that she was so hungry that she could barely move.

© Jessi Sova

Her rescuers were unable to tell which race she was from. Shortly after being pulled from her life of misery, Mikita was placed in foster care. His benefactors were very caring with their protege.

© Jessi Sova

The bitch has started a new chapter in her life

Mikita was finally able to eat properly, which allowed her to gain weight. Scabies have also been overcome with specific treatment. Over the days, tufts of gray and white hair began to appear on the canine’s body. His foster mother realized he was a young Husky .

Her transformation is incredible, Mikita is not the same dog anymore.

© Jessi Sova

Luckily, she even quickly found a loving home forever. Jessi Sova , who already owned a dog, found out about Mikita’s story on Facebook. After meeting her, she decided to adopt him.

She was so tiny and just the sweetest of little things. My son came with me, and we both fell in love, ”she said.

Although the survivor found love, she still had a challenge …

© Jessi Sova

Mikita has faced the trials of life

Her new owner noticed that Mikita was in pain in her hind legs. “ One night I woke up as she was screaming. She couldn’t stand up. My companion took us to the vet, ”explained Jessi Sova .

The diagnosis was made: the female Husky suffered from a condition affecting the spine known as spondylarthrosis. The veterinarian prescribed him the drugs necessary for his good recovery.

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© Jessi Sova

Little by little, the dog recovered and fully developed after having gone through many difficult trials. Jessi Sova and her relatives never stop showing their love for her on a daily basis and feel lucky to have her as a life companion.

Mikita has come a long way …


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