Teach the dog the command of “don’t move”

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, “immobility” is not a dog’s favorite sport, but posture is necessary in different situations. With the passage of time and work, this command will not only be better integrated by the animal until it is executed perfectly, but also it will learn to abide by it without anxiety.


why is this command so important? How? Kdsps for a dog, its owner is the center of the world. We just need to look at his reception when he comes home in the evening and remember this after he has been separated from her all day. This distance is usually regarded by animals as a real tear, but sometimes it is necessary.

for their own safety, dogs must know how to stay still under the instructions of their owners. Learning “immobility” is not the most difficult thing to do, but it requires time, patience and a lot of repetition. It also requires the dog to integrate into other basic orders in advance, including “sitting” and “lying down”. Why do you teach your dog not to move as ordered? How do I start it? That’s what we’ll see together.

why is this order so important?

orders his dog to stay where he is and not to be with him, which may be redundant and binding for some people, but this is not the case.

this posture is taken for the safety of the dog and the people around him.

Receive suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. For example, some institutions deny dogs access. In order to go in and buy things, the master had to leave his companions outside. Generally speaking, animals are tied, but some owners choose not to wear a belt. In both cases, learning “immobility” can make the dog better endure this separation and perform well in the absence of the owner.

a dog who is not used to immobility is more likely to be excited, Even aggressive to passers-by. This is a natural reaction of canines. Canines feel threatened because they have no possibility to escape when they are tied together.

is best conducted in a quiet place during the initial training. There is no external pressure source that may distract the dog or increase the dog’s stress. So it’s best to start at home. Only after several training sessions can the environment be changed by observing the progress displayed by the dog.


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First, let your dog sit or lie down, give him a “don’t move” command, take a step back, and once he starts moving, stop him immediately and say “no”. Put it back in its original position, start again when it is finished and remains in place, warmly congratulate it and give it a treat during the training process, and gradually expand the distance between you by increasing one step at a time. Then, you can go to another room and increase the difficulty when he is waiting for you. Once the practice is fully integrated into the family, you can start teaching him outside, on the street or in the park.

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