Fishermen astonished to discover an abandoned dog on an island, call for reinforcements to try to rescue him

On Sunday April 25, a group of fishermen spotted a dog on Green Point Island, Michigan. As they tried to help him, the shy animal ran away. The 3 men, determined not to abandon him to his sad fate, contacted the authorities.

How did the canine end up on the uninhabited island? No one has the answer. According to the general opinion, it would have been left voluntarily by previous owners. Skinny and studded with scars, the female with the black and white coat certainly hides a difficult past. His fear of humans also seems to confirm this hypothesis.

Robert , his son David and his friend Eric Gruesbeck , landed on the shore covered with thick vegetation to meet the vagabond. The latter immediately took his paws around his neck. “ I knew there was no food for her,Robert Debolt told MLive . The attempted approach having failed, the trio left not without feeling a certain uneasiness.

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A first unsuccessful rescue operation

The 3 men reported the situation to the local authorities, who reacted quickly. To retrieve the Robinson from Green Point Island, they set up a trap and some food. The search lasted 3 hours. As the quadruped could not be found, the intervention group turned around.

But the story is far from over. On Wednesday April 28, another fisherman said he heard continuous barking on the island. The rescuers therefore returned to the assault.

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This time, the bitch could be recovered. Hungry, she had swallowed the bait and found herself in the trap. Her fear even evaporated: at the sight of the rescuers, she wagged her tail and looked grateful.

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A loving new home awaits River

Named River , the bitch between 1 and 2 years old, had no collar or microchip.

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Currently being treated by a veterinarian, River already has a new home waiting for her. Eric Gruesbeck , one of the first men to discover it, plans to adopt it as soon as possible.

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