They save a Labrador dog from euthanasia to end up with a total of 13 dogs!

By welcoming a dog who risked death, an English couple had no idea that they would have to take care of 12 others soon after. Fortunately, they were able to count on the help of their relatives.

Audrey Hampshire and Maynard Dockerty live in Weymouth in Dorset (South of England). They had 3 dogs of which a female Labrador-Retriever left too quickly; she had died of a degenerative disease at the age of 3, leaving a huge void in the family. So, when the couple learned a few weeks ago that a Labrador cross dog was in danger of being euthanized in Serbia, they immediately volunteered to welcome her, reports Metro .

Boo , 8 months old, was transported to the United Kingdom to join Audrey and Maynard . They must have taught her everything, because she had never had a family life. And since she was deprived of everything in the past, they spoiled her at every opportunity. Maybe a little too much, they thought several weeks after her arrival, when they noticed that she was putting on weight . However, they discovered that it had nothing to do with the treats (be careful not to overdo it). In fact, Boo was pregnant .

The dog was taken to the vet , who told them the news and estimated the number of puppies at 6 . Audrey and Maynard were not, however, at the end of their surprises. In early May, Boo started giving birth . In the end, she gave birth to… 12 babies ! Double what was expected during the veterinary examination.

As the bitch has 10 udders , the family had to take turns to ensure that each of the puppies received enough milk . The parents took time off to look after them full time. Their daughters Georgia and Billie , as well as their respective companions, helped them in this task.

Now 7 weeks old, the puppies will soon be able to join their new families , many people having expressed their wish to adopt them after the media coverage of this story. Audrey and Maynard decided to keep one , a female called Lola .

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It should be noted that relatives and friends of the family have helped them to face the costs : veterinarian, food, identification chips … A great outpouring of solidarity to save a whole family of dogs.


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