Panicked woman contacts firefighters to help her dog dangerously stuck between 2 rocks

Some dogs, like Gracie, find themselves in perilous situations. Its owner discovered it between 2 rocks, in North Carolina (United States), unable to move. To save it, the intervention of professionals was necessary.

It was very scary because a rock above her could fall and crush her,Becky Rowe Smith said .

The female Australian Shepherd, driven by her curiosity, crawled inside a narrow slit about thirty centimeters wide, between 2 boulders. The animal tried to free itself on its own, to no avail. Only his head protruded, revealing his large blue eyes seeking comfort and help. It was Emmie , the other dog in the household, who found Gracie in this condition.

Their owner immediately called for help.

A life-saving operation that lasted several hours

They created an opening large enough through the rocks to take out Gracie , covered in mud but unharmed. The intervention lasted nearly 3 hours.

Becky Rowe Smith was relieved to be able to hug her four-legged friend again. She posted a message on Facebook to share her story and to thank the rescuers for their professionalism and determination.

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