Saved from illness at a very young age, these puppies grow up to surprise everyone!

When they were rescued, no one would have thought that these dogs would become what they are today. Rescued from their first days on the street, 6 puppies were taken care of by rescue organizations. They were in such a miserable condition that one could not identify their race. If vets thought they saved tiny puppies, they made a big mistake!

What would you have done if you found yourself face to face with 6 abandoned puppies on a winter day? This question, a man must have asked himself, when one day he made the discovery, in the street, of six abandoned puppies. Canines were painful to see and for good reason! Their fur was so sparsely trimmed that it was almost impossible to know their race. Affected by various diseases, in particular scabies, they were not vaccinated and carried on them, a foul odor.

Equipped with masks to counter the smell of the puppies, the members of the shelter showered, treated and pampered them . Unfortunately their mission ended there, for lack of means to finance medical expenses.

So came the SCCR , an Illinois-based rescue organization in the United States, which allowed puppies to be admitted to the Auburn Veterinary College to receive the necessary care .

Once the care had been provided, the 6 puppies were transferred to foster families in order to socialize them and allow them to evolve in a serene environment . However, a problem remained.

Since the puppies had no hair on the day of their rescue, it was impossible to identify the breed . Given their small size , the staff believed that the young dogs were the result of the union of a Poodle breed dog and an English Cocker Spaniel .

But over time, with the proper care, and the necessary food , the puppies began to develop such a short white coat. At that moment, the diagnosis was not the same, and we began to believe that the puppies were the result of a cross between Poodle and Great Pyrenean .

A diagnosis once again erroneous since, to close the debate, a family did a DNA test on one of the puppies.

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The result of the test was as follows, the dogs were all real Pyrenean Mountain Dogs , and the weak and sick image they gave at the beginning gave way to beautiful strong and large mastiffs!

Once the breed has been identified, the puppies have to be offered for adoption and find a family! Sometimes misfortunes are born greater joys!


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