Labrador bitch makes history by giving birth to record litter


A Labrador bitch broke a record and exceeded her mistress’ expectations by giving birth to a litter of 14 wonderfully doing puppies.

Hazel is a professional Labrador-Retriever breeder. The 31-year-old is the proud owner of the brave Bella . While giving birth , Bella benefited from the help of Hazel and her companion. This very delicate moment for the bitch lasted no less than 7 hours. It took place at Hazel’s home in England, and ended with the birth of a total of 14 healthy Labrador puppies.

Bella’s ultrasound had not shown that the bitch was carrying 14 babies, although the exact number is never really noticeable by this means, reports the young woman through Goanimals . What must have been Hazel’s surprise when he saw that the number of puppies continued to increase. She had to call on her companion to help her clean them.

Bella is used to giving birth to puppies with dark coats. Her last litter did indeed feature a puppy with a light coat, but this time, Bella’s cubs shared the 2 colors almost evenly. This is explained by the fact that the companion of Bella and father of the litter of 14 puppies is a Labrador with a sandy coat.

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The wonderful reach of Labradors did not fail to move Internet users. The puppies all found new respective families. Mum, meanwhile, deserved to take some rest after being so brave, Hazel said .

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