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most dog educators will tell you: in order to educate their dogs, there is nothing better than rewards. It can take different forms, and its use in learning is positive reinforcement.


why should reward rather than punish his dog? What’s the reward for his dog? How to reward his dog? It is worth remembering that

rewards its dog to strengthen and praise the behavior you want it to happen again. If a person wants to establish a master / dog relationship on the basis of cooperation rather than coercion, rewards in education are essential. Why should

reward rather than punish his dog?

rewards the dog instead of punishing it, which is to strengthen the correct behavior, so as to encourage the dog to reproduce again to obtain a new sense of satisfaction. Dog is an opportunistic animal. It will move in the direction it likes. Therefore, rewarding the good deeds of dogs is a very natural and effective way to communicate with dogs and obtain a balanced long-term relationship. Add something unpleasant to him so that he can avoid this or that behavior. Therefore, we started an education based on avoidance and fear: This is obviously not a solution to respect animal welfare.

however, small apartment: even if you choose to educate your dog in a positive way, there is punishment, But this will lead to the removal of something pleasant from the dog to let it know that it will not be satisfied with a particular behavior. Because strengthening good behavior is always more effective and merciful than punishing bad behavior.


reward dogs to

strengthen interspecific relations (between owners and dogs), encourage animal cooperation and make dogs have confidence in themselves, What reward does the owner give his dog?

rewards his dog by establishing a positive connection after the proposed action. However, it is important that this connection is really positive for your animal.

in fact, the reward may be a reward for dog x, but it is definitely not a reward for dog y. therefore, you must learn to observe and decrypt the signals sent by the dog after the reward.

for example, Some dogs are absolutely uncomfortable to be caressed. So when they wanted to congratulate him by touching, they gave him a contradictory message. If you caress its feet, it may not come back at the same speed in the future because of “fear” of being caressed.

in fact, if your dog yawns, licks truffles, turns around, or even if it roars, you know that the reward you choose is not suitable for its desires and expectations.

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“But fortunately, touching is not the only reward for dogs. In fact, you can choose from several solutions:

verbal reward: This requires exaggerating his voice tone and raising the tone to distinguish the reward from traditional verbal commands. Game reward: This is not a priority for dogs who have difficulty concentrating at work, but it will be very suitable as a final reward.Rcice. The reward of caressing: of course, if your dog likes caressing, you can caress it, but be careful not to caress it too often, otherwise when you really want to reward it for a good thing, caressing will lose its value. Greedy reward: when you want to warmly congratulate your dog, candy is the main reward you want. However, in order to avoid any health problems or overweight, do not give the dog any food. Simple gain: sometimes, the dog that rewards him just gives him a chance to get what he first wants. The most convincing example is the front door: if your dog grabs the door or barks out, wait until it calms down before opening the door. So you congratulate your dog on calming down and allowing him to accept his initial request. How to reward his dog?

finally, in order to reward his dog, you should not reward it “free”. In this case, the reward will lose value. Therefore, you should only reward the good behavior you want the dog to appear again.

in addition, the timing of reward will be very important! In fact, the dog lives in the present, so it won’t reward it in an hour or two, because it doesn’t understand why it will be rewarded, and then you will reward your dog for free.


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In this temporal logic, we must accurately strengthen behavior, not unknowingly strengthen wrong attitudes. You often make such mistakes, especially when you teach the dog to sit down: you are asked to sit down, you are very satisfied with its performance, but our enthusiasm cheer it up, even jump on us, and we still reward it. Here, we don’t reward him for sitting, we reward him for standing up and jumping on us. To strengthen the correct behavior, it is best to strengthen the correct behavior instead of pointing fingers and punishing the wrong behavior. Find one or more rewards suitable for dogs. Too many “free” rewards. Killing rewards at a good time will be the key to success

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