She discovers an injured dog in the mountain. She decides to bring him back to his owner no matter what.

On a hike, a young mother carries an injured dog on her shoulders, determined to save him. Her father supports her with his jokes.

Tia Vargas and her father usually go hiking every year. This time, they’re heading to Table Rock in Grand Teton . Vargas was at the top of the mount when she found an injured dog, unable to walk. She bends down, puts her head over the animal and carries it on her shoulders.

The father and daughter hoped to meet someone along the way who would help them, but no one has been there. Vargas therefore had to take his illness patiently and continue to walk. However, the dog was very heavy and the young woman’s legs were shaking. Sometimes she had to put it down to catch her breath. When she thought she could no longer take it back, she prayed and started walking again.

Originally from Idaho Falls , Idaho , Vargas is a young single mother with 3 children.

Arrived in town, the hikers discover an advertisement announcing the disappearance of the injured dog. His name is Boomer .

The dog’s owners were delighted to hear that their friend was not lost. Unfortunately, they had to move and could not take her with them. They had already made an agreement with a new adoptive family , reports TreeHugger .

Learning Vargas’ story, the new family decides that the dog was right for their rescuer. Vargas’ children spent their time asking for a dog, but their mother refused. She couldn’t let go of Boomer who is now a member of the family .

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Boomer is recovering from his injuries. He has a broken leg and his family is hoping he won’t need surgery.


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