Royal Canin innovates with Individualis: a tailor-made nutrition solution for your pets

Because each animal is unique and may have very specific needs, an individualized diet, able to provide it with appropriate intake, is essential for its well-being. This observation led Royal Canin to develop the INDIVIDUALIS solution.

Meals adapted to each dog or cat according to its specificities, an individualized nutritional solution, all based on veterinary diagnosis. This is what INDIVIDUALIS offers, a novelty from Royal Canin . The result of 10 years of research and development in animal nutrition and health.

The need for a diet adapted to each profile

Three quarters of French dog and cat owners believe that the well-being of their companions comes first from what is in their bowl. They are also 85% to think that the prevention of the most common diseases is largely ensured by a suitable diet.

No animal is like another when it comes to health and nutritional needs. Everyone has their own experience, a different health journey. Parameters such as the breed, age, weight and environment of the dog or cat are added to it, as do the risk factors, whether genetic or linked to the living environment. This gives rise to multiple combinations.

With INDIVIDUALIS, Royal Canin offers a solution to thousands of these combinations, relying first of all on an algorithm developed in collaboration with nutrition specialists and high-level mathematicians. This innovation also uses innovative industrial production techniques to develop recipes on a case-by-case basis, while respecting food quality and safety standards.

The goal is for the animal to receive a diet designed to meet all its needs, especially if it combines risk factors, so that it can enjoy an optimal quality of life and longevity. The case, for example, of a senior Yorkshire Terrier, with a history of urinary stones, tartar and digestive tenderness. The classic approach is to prioritize one of these disorders when thinking about meals, but Royal Canin INDIVIDUALIS’s approach is designed to address all of these issues.

From veterinary recommendations to tailor-made meals, delivered to your home

Concretely, how does Royal Canin INDIVIDUALIS work for the owner of a dog or a cat?

The first step takes place at the vet; the specialist establishes his diagnosis and sends his nutritional recommendations by email. The list of partner veterinary clinics is available on the Royal Canin website .

The master places his order on the online platform, without having to leave his home. Based on the data provided by the veterinarian and the owner, the algorithm determines the most suitable solution, then the production site prepares the meals according to these specificities. The recipes thus created are not only tailor-made, but also balanced, complete and with optimal palatability.

The owner then receives, free delivery, to the chosen address and within 48 hours, 30 days of individualized food for his pet. If he chooses a subscription, the order is renewed automatically.

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What budget to plan?

The average daily cost of the INDIVIDUALIS Royal Canin meals is 1.50 euros for a cat and 2.50 euros for a dog. The price of the veterinary recommendation depends on the specialist in question who is free to set it. The cost includes food, but also consulting services (recommended portions, subscription, newsletter, ordering, delivery, etc.) and follow-up. </p

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