A retiree who complains about the cost of living, a Ukrainian MP tells her to sell her dog

Valeriy Lebid / BBC

In Ukraine, a response from a presidential party deputy to an elderly lady who could no longer pay her bills caused a stir.

A few days ago, MP Yevgeni Bragar , 25 and a member of the Ukrainian presidential party, took part in a television program to discuss a number of political issues.

A retiree , Lioubov Kolioutcha , intervened by phone to complain about her situation, indicating that with her retirement pension of 2000 hryvnias, or a little more than 70 euros, she could no longer pay her bills , as reported by 20 Minutes .

The MP then advised him to sell hispurebred ” dog in order to pay his bills. A declaration that has aroused many reactions of indignation across the country and even beyond its borders. Yevgueniï Bragar has even suffered from strong criticism within his political formation.

On social media, Ukrainians have taken to posting photos of their pets in protest. President Volodymyr Zelensky also reacted to the affair.

The deputy, who blamed this on his youth and inexperience, finally asked Lioubov Kolioutcha for an apology , which the latter accepted. His dog, old and blind , goes by the name of Charik.

Also according to 20 Minutes , it turned out later that Lioubov Kolioutcha was entitled to a state subsidy , but the latter was paid into the bank account of his companion without the knowledge of the retiree.

#FuelPoverty is a global problem as this story from #Ukraine shows. https://t.co/vmeVKwlhVZ

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– End Fuel Poverty Coalition (@EndFuelPoverty) February 4, 2020

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