Police officer uses sandwich to try to save stray dog in traffic

To rescue a stray dog who was in danger of being run over on a highway, a police officer showed both perseverance and creativity. With the means at his disposal, he managed to attract the animal to safety.

Late last week, Sergeant Jeff Kramer, officer of the highway police in the state of Ohio, on patrol on Interstate 75, when he had to perform an unusual action. His day on duty went smoothly, until he spotted a problem on a section of that track north of Dayton .

Road traffic had come to a halt as a stray dog was running on the freeway and was in danger of being injured at any time, WHIO reports.

Sergeant Kramer immediately attended the scene and assessed the situation. He tried to catch up with the dog, but she was too scared to let go. She only kept running away more with each attempt, putting her even more in danger .

© Ohio State Patrol

A saving sandwich

After 2 hours of fruitless efforts, the police officer had an idea; he had a sandwich in his patrol vehicle, which he had planned to eat for lunch. He figured he could try to appeal to the bitch’s gluttony by enticing her with her meal. He also grabbed a rope .

His plan worked wonderfully . The animal, enticed by the sandwich, finally came to him . All that remained for Sergeant Kramer was to carefully tie the rope around the dog’s neck to make an improvised leash.

Soon after, she was taken to the Montgomery County Shelter , where she is now safe from the dangers of road and snow .

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