She travels 2,000 km to return the dog to its owner and comes back with it!

Stephanie couldn’t believe her eyes when she arrived in South Florida . She came to return a dog found stray 2,000 km away in Michigan . This volunteer saw the owner of the canine tell her that it was better to leave. Back where it all began, the animal had no trouble finding a new home… forever!

Michigan and Florida are about 2,000 kilometers apart. This is the journey taken by Stéphanie James . This woman volunteered to repatriate a dog found stray by the Humane Society of Midland County in March. Thanks to his microchip, the members of the refuge were able to find the trace of his owner… who lived in Florida .

A call to bring Blue home has been made on social media . Call to which Stéphanie responded positively. “ We have received a plethora of responses from people willing to help. The community has come together. It was incredible, ”comments a member of the shelter for The Dodo. And among all the volunteers, Stéphanie was proud to have been nominated. “ I love Florida and love to drive, so why not, ” she recalls saying.

A surprise return with the bitch

Mission accomplished ! But the story was not yet over. To everyone’s surprise, Blue’s owner invited Stephanie to bring the dog back to Michigan . The reason: too busy a full-time job , and the inability to take care of the bitch properly. It didn’t take long to convince the traveler who made the return trip… with Blue .

A Blue who saw her old house moving away. “ It broke my heart to see her looking out the back window, but I thought it was the best thing for her, ” admits Stéphanie . Was she going to be able to adopt him? No, because his house is already populated by other canines .

The Human Society warned, a message was posted on social networks . The candidatures were numerous in front of a more incredible story than ever. It was a certain Robert Allison who had the favors of the refuge. A Robert who was able to come and pick up his new doggie during his lunch break . The first contact set the tone for their relationship: the merger took place and, a few days after their meeting, the couple function as if they had always been together!


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