16 animals that behave like humans

Sometimes our pets act like a human. These photos show that this kind of scene has something to laugh about.

Our 4-legged companions each have their own quirks, character and attitude. However, they can sometimes behave in ways that are strongly reminiscent of humans. For example, a dog who comes home with bread is reminiscent of what most people do on a daily basis. That, and many other things that make us laugh.

Here are 16 photos of cats and dogs behaving like their owners.

1. These 2 accomplices manage to open the door and go out and play ball without asking their owners. While the dog is waiting with the ball in question, the cat is busy opening the door

2. Blend into the background without chasing all the animals in the barnyard, a rather strange behavior for a cat

3. The session is open, as declared by the judge who is unhappy to see the reserves of treats decrease.

4. Love is a universal notion that crosses the barriers of species

5. This cat occupies a bed much too big for him and turns a deaf ear to his mistress’s calls. Some will recognize themselves in the behavior of this lazy cat

6. These cats never do anything separately. As soon as one of them has an idea, the others follow him. Their latest find is to drop all of their mistress’s clothes and lie on them.

7. While he drops the objects on the ground, he looks his opponent straight in the eye in order to get his message across.

8. As soon as he sees that no one is around, this cat starts annoying his brother by any means that can come to his mind. He only stops when caught red-handed

9. This cat is fascinated to see the snow fall. He found himself the coziest of pillows and sat on it to admire the view

10. Having waited much longer than usual for her meal, this bitch went to get some bread on her own.

11. This Dobermann takes care of warning his owners as soon as there is someone at the door, thanks to his barking.

12. This cat knows the source of all his owner’s problems and has decided to take matters into his own hands.

13. Whoever goes hunting loses his place. An expression that this dog knows well, since he took his master’s place the minute he went to fetch water

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14. He sits at the table and waits for his dinner

15. This cat intends to have his slice of pizza

16. This cat does not spare the guests and expresses all his hatred to them


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