10 ways to protect your dog from thieves!

Theft is one of the things that every dog owner dreads. Vigilance and some precautions make it possible to guard against it.

With the health crisis and confinement , the demand for pets has never been so strong . A tempting context for dog thieves , who then seek to resell them for profit.

How to protect your dog from theft ? Here are some tips .

1. Chip your dog

This is not only mandatory , but also useful in the event of loss or theft. The identification chip is the formal proof linking the animal to its owner.

2. Do not put the dog’s name on his tag

If the dog wears a medal on his collar , it is not advisable to include his name on it . By calling the animal by the latter, the thief could attract it more easily.

3. Do not leave your dog tied up

Even if it is not always easy, not all establishments are necessarily accessible to pets, leaving your dog tied up outside when you enter somewhere is not a good idea. A malicious person could easily untie it and grab it.

4. Even if it is not purebred, a dog can be removed.

Thieves primarily target purebred dogs because of their market value. However, some do not hesitate to kidnap crossbreed dogs from their owners, to then demand a ransom . It is therefore important to remain vigilant, whether the animal has a pedigree or not.

5. Take pictures of your dog

These pictures could be useful in case of loss, by sharing them on social networks for calls for witnesses and in wanted notices .

6. Vary the routes of the walks

It would be wise to change the route from time to time when walking your dog . The goal is to prevent possible thieves from setting an ambush by knowing the usual route.

7. Do not answer suspicious questions

Some have no qualms about masquerading as caring people by approaching canine owners and asking them all kinds of questions about their dog. Their goal is to collect as much information as possible in order to remove it.

8. Make sure you teach your dog to recall

The recall is part of the basic learning in dogs. It is important in many situations, especially when a suspicious individual approaches the animal.

9. Check your fence

If the dog has a fenced garden, it is essential to regularly check the condition of the fence and gate , as well as the locking system.

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10. What if the theft occurs?

In the event of theft of a dog , it must be reported to the police: police station , gendarmerie . It is also a good idea to inform nearby shelters and veterinarians. Social networks , especially groups dedicated to lost animals, are also of great help in this kind of situation.


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