The dogs of the American army soon to be equipped with virtual reality glasses to go into the field?

Command Sight

The United States Army seems very interested in a model of augmented reality glasses specially designed for dogs. The equipment is currently under development and testing. It could soon be worn by the canids of certain American military units during their missions.

In armed forces around the world, dogs are employed to fulfill a variety of roles . Some specialize in detecting different substances, including explosives .

Other canines are trained to attack to take part in the most perilous missions, like Kuno , Belgian Shepherd Malinois who served in the special forces of the British navy, and recently decorated for his heroic action in Afghanistan. Finally, others ensure the defense of military installations , including aerodromes.

When they intervene, these dogs must be in constant contact with their owners . Communication is essential for the smooth running of the mission, as well as for the safety of the quadruped. The dog handler must be able to communicate orders to him at any time and know his progress on the ground. The canine also sometimes needs to be encouraged , even reassured, by hearing the voice of its human partner.

It is to facilitate these exchanges that the firm Command Sight has designed augmented reality glasses adapted to dog soldiers . The American armed forces plan to equip some members of their dog units , as reported by Radio Canada .

This device is equipped with an on- board camera allowing the dog handler, positioned at a distance from the animal, to have a visual of what the latter sees . These augmented reality glasses also offer the master the possibility of transmitting his instructions to him and, in general, of communicating with him in real time.

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The prototype currently being tested is a cable model, but Command Sight is expected to develop a wireless version of the system soon.

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