Stop his dog from jumping on people

Illustration : "Empêcher son chien de sauter sur les gens"

a dog jumping on people may cause discomfort. When you are a puppy, this is a behavior that must be corrected, because this problem may become very serious and heavier in adulthood.


why do dogs jump? A behavior may bring you many problems, but don’t show the attitude you should have: a quiet and firm

may be lovely and interesting in a puppy. When it grows up, it may become very troublesome. This happens when a dog develops the bad habit of jumping the owner and everyone he meets.

, even when you deal with a big dog, this behavior is more annoying, When it is adopted by a small jumping animal, it will not be more comfortable. How do you teach your dog to stop jumping? The answer is simple: exercise, reward and great patience.

why do dogs jump?

is a scene that many dog owners have the right to see: when they get home, the impatient animal stands behind the door and is completely excited. As soon as his master appeared, he jumped on her and shouted. Of course, this happy performance itself is blameless, but in all cases, it will become the root of unhappiness.

this is a bad habit and the owner should not encourage it. It usually reflects that the dog wants to attract the attention of its owner or others.

jumping on people is not necessarily a dominant behavior. This is a way for animals to express their joy and enthusiasm for you. This has nothing to do with the breed or size of the dog.

is a behavior that may cause many problems.

the habit of some dogs jumping on people has proved to be very embarrassing, especially for guests. This is also dangerous for children, who may be frightened or even overturned by the weight of animals.

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this behavior is also harmful to the dog itself. The whole back of his body is affected by repeated and frequent vertical jumps, especially the hind legs, and the joints of the hind legs will eventually be affected. What

should not do

tries to stop this behavior and let us eliminate violence. In addition, it is not suitable for dog education in any way. On the contrary, it is not conducive to his obedience, but counterproductive and extremely harmful to his personality. Animals may become scared or aggressive.


start screaming will not produce good results. Similarly, screaming and attacking can only create confusion in the dog’s mind: the dog is happy to see the owner and doesn’t understand why the owner blames him.

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: calm and firm

is right, just the opposite, Keep calm when the dog starts jumping. The best attitude is to stop, don’t look directly at him, and order him to stop: “no”, “stop”, “stop” or “don’t jump”. Orders must be given clearly and firmly, but not loudly. It must be associated with the gesture of the index finger and immediately follow the order of “sitting down”. Once the dog is executed, we give it a candy to reward it. If he jumps up again, we’ll start fromStart.

exercises should be repeated as many times as necessary to enable the dog to show the required behavior. Then, you can repeat this exercise with friends you don’t often contact with dogs. This will help your dog understand and absorb a command that is still valid for visitors. “

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