Abandoned at the age of 2 months in the garbage, this dog barely escapes the garbage truck

In Kansas, individuals threw a puppy in a dumpster. Sick and scared, he was saved by a charitable soul.

It is very rare to look inside a dumpster when throwing out your garbage. As luck would have it, someone watched before leaving. He then noticed that a puppy was there, abandoned and terrified .

The poor animal’s rescuer then immediately took him to the Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoptioin to be taken care of. The members of the shelter were amazed to learn the story of the puppy.

Indignant, the shelter team expressed their anger on social networks. Members speak out against this kind of cruelty and say there is absolutely no excuse for doing such a curse on a helpless animal, reports the Dodo .

Christened Minimus , the young dog was taken care of by the shelter. He is not in great shape, but he will certainly know how to regain all his energy. He had marks and wounds on his body that members of the shelter could not explain. They were prepared to pay for the vet’s costs which were expected to be high.

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Minimus was able to get back on his feet. The shelter reiterates its indignation and emphasizes that it is never a good idea to abandon your animal. If the former owners of the 2 month old puppy had taken him to any shelter, he would have been welcomed because that is the role of these institutions. Laws are being put in place around the world to protect animals from abuse.

The puppy is now ready to be adopted and start his new life.


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