To ask for his companion’s hand, he uses 16 dogs!

Maurice took his courage in both hands and decided to ask Laura in marriage. For the young man, it would have been inconceivable that this exceptional event would take place without the participation of those for whom the couple has always had a common passion: dogs …

It’s a marriage proposal like no other that Bored Panda tells us. And of course, our dog friends were there.

Since their childhood , Laura Stampler and Maurice Goldstein loved dogs. By meeting, they learned that they had this passion in common and, without a doubt, it only reinforced their desire to form as a couple.

Recently, 4 years after their meeting, Maurice said to himself that it was time to take a leap and ask Laura in marriage. The 2 New Yorkers were in Los Angeles and the young man took the opportunity to organize the event. He enlisted the help of Rebecca , a photographer friend, to capture the moment.

It was the starting signal for 16 dogs who landed at full speed to drown the couple in their happy barking .

Laura could not have dreamed of a better marriage proposal: a magnificent setting, the man she loves more than anything and the participation of the dogs, these beings she has always cherished.

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