Dismantling of dog trafficking in Ireland, the police seize 32 animals ready to be sold 120,000 euros!

While dog thefts have been on the rise in England since March, pet trafficking continues across the Irish Sea. A few days ago, the Irish police seized about thirty stolen canines which were intended for resale.

In the suburbs of Dublin , the capital of Ireland, a home had been the focus of police attention for some time. Investigators were told the property in question, located in Swords , was likely home to a stolen dog resale business , The Epoch Times reports.

On the basis of this information, the police obtained a warrant and were thus able to conduct a raid on August 22 at midday. They did indeed find stolen animals there which were ready to be illegally “disposed of”. They were likely to be sold online or through other illicit channels. The traffickers hoped to get a total of 120,000 euros .

The police seized 32 dogs there : 24 Dachshunds , 4 Pugs , 3 Chihuahuas and a Jack Russell Terrier . They have all been impounded in Ashdown , the time for the authorities to find their respective owners, return them to them and complete the investigation.

It was An Garda Síochána (the Irish police service) who delivered this information via social networks, including Facebook, the day after the operation.

Three weeks earlier, on August 1, another search had led police to discover 10 dogs suspected stolen Rathkeale, a town 200 km as the crow flies southwest of Dublin. These were animals belonging to breeds highly sought after on the market: Labrador-Retriever , English Springer, English Setter , Cavalier King Charles Spaniel , Siberian Husky

Irish police have reiterated their call for vigilance in sales and purchases of pets. It invites owners to chip their dogs – as required by law – and to secure their home , as well as buyers to ensure the good faith of the seller .

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These recent raids echo growing concern in England , where the number of dog thefts has risen sharply since the start of confinement . One of the hypotheses put forward to explain this trend is, precisely, the trafficking taking place in Ireland.


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