A dog falls into a hole ten meters deep! Firefighters called in for reinforcement

Alerted by a passer-by, the emergency services quickly intervened to save a dog which had found itself trapped at the bottom of a pit in a locality in the South of the United States. The animal was thus safely brought to the surface and returned to its family.

One of the greatest obsessions for a master is the running away of his dog. Not knowing where your pet is, panicking at the thought of all the dangers that lie in wait … The most terrifying feelings and ideas are rushing through his mind, and it only gets worse as the minutes, the hours and days go by without hearing the slightest news from his friend.

The owners of the dog in question here lived through this ordeal, but luckily its disappearance was only short-lived thanks to the intervention of the firefighters and the local animal control service.

Reported by FOX 5 Atlanta this Sunday, May 16, the rescue took place in Cobb County, Georgia.

A man by the name of Ty McIntyre was out for a walk in the area when he saw a dog trapped at the bottom of a deep, steep-sided pit. It was impossible for the canine to ascend without help. The witness did not have any equipment that could allow him to come to his aid. Ty McIntyre then called the county fire department.

Shaken, but unharmed

Quite quickly, the firefighters arrived on the scene. They were accompanied by an animal service agent. They immediately deployed a large ladder and lowered him into the cavity.

One of the rescuers joined the dog in the pit, took it in his arms, then went back up to hand it over to his colleagues, who reassured the animal.

The latter was somewhat shaken, but safe and sound. His masters came to pick him up immediately.

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