A determined dog takes the plunge to retrieve her puppies washed away by the flooding of a river in China! (Video)

You should never underestimate a bitch’s maternal instinct, nor her determination to protect her young. She would do anything to save her puppies in times of danger, including putting her own life on the line. This is shown by this sequence recently recorded in China and which has gone viral.

It is an admirable and moving scene which was filmed last August 12 in Meishan , a city in the province of Sichuan in China.

That day, while heavy flooding was occurring in the area, a female dog and her 5 puppies found themselves trapped by the waters. As reported by Sputnik , who quotes the local media People’s Daily , the shelter under which the family of canines had taken refuge was washed away by the waves.

A local resident managed to recover the dog and 4 of her cubs, but the 5 th ended up in the swollen river. Residents called the police . One of the officers, noticing that the mother was approaching the raging stream dangerously, tried to stop her from jumping , but the dog was firmly resolved to rescue her puppy in distress. She managed to escape him and dove .

The courageous dog was thus able to catch up with her little one and bring him back to dry land, where several people were waiting to help him. But once out of the water, she rushed over to the rest of her offspring, holding her puppy by the neck.

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As the video went viral, many families wanted to welcome the dogs. They did end up being adopted , again according to Sputnik .


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