Dragged in the back of a car, a dog receives 500 stitches!

In the United States, a dog had to undergo more than 500 stitches and two operations to survive hell. He was dragged behind a car for miles. This created multiple very deep wounds. He was able to count on the rescue of a specialized group and is slowly recovering from this tragedy. An investigation has been opened and public opinion appears shocked by this story.

The pictures are terrible. We have decided not to show them to you. One can only guess them by reading Gabe’s tragic story . This 14 month old Pitbull dog went through hell for a moment that, by any means, seemed too long.

In Cross , South Carolina , Gabe was dragged into the back of a car by its owners. Jackie O’Sullivan , rescuer of a New York shelter, adds a big clarification: “The dog was not dragged just a few blocks, but it was dragged for miles. An act of cruelty which should trigger the establishment of a judicial inquiry .

In the meantime, Gabe miraculously survived. He was rescued by the rescue group led by Jackie . His wounds are many and deep. “ He must have screamed and screamed , even cry in pain when being dragged. His injuries are horrible,Jackie confirms to ABC News.

Fortunately, rescuers and health professionals were able to get him out of this bad patch . This required two surgeries . “ He’s better , concedes Jackie , who continues: most of his wounds are closed, he takes antibiotics and pain relievers . »No less than 500 stitches were affixed all over his bruised body.

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