Homeless man’s dogs chase the ambulance carrying him and won’t leave without their owner

For Luiz, his dogs are his real family and this feeling is mutual. This is what the quadrupeds demonstrated when the homeless man was rushed to hospital.

On January 2, a homeless man named Luiz suffered a stroke and had to be rushed to Santa Casa hospital in Cianorte , a city in southern Brazil, as reported by The Dodo . The man had 6 dogs which he took good care of despite his lack of resources. So when he was put on the ambulance, these animals ran behind the rescue vehicle for several kilometers until they got to the hospital. There, medical staff videotaped them (click here to watch the video ) as they waited outside the facility , watching for Luiz’s return.

Warned, volunteers from the Amigos de Patas Cianorte association quickly went to the scene to help the dogs . They fed them and watched them, knowing that they had spent the whole night waiting for their master.

In the early hours of the morning, Luiz’s condition was deemed stable enough to allow him to be discharged from the hospital . Only, it was through another door that he came out , not knowing that his dogs were still waiting for him. One of the members of Amigos de Patas Cianorte went to meet him at his brother’s house to inform him that his 4-legged companions were pacing in front of the hospital. The reunion , very moving , was thus able to take place.

Luiz has been homeless in Cianorte for 20 years. Many locals know him and his dogs. Anonymous and relatives alike have repeatedly offered their help, but Luiz has kindly declined them , preferring to continue living on the streets with his faithful friends.

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This story is not unlike that of Caesar , also homeless and having to be hospitalized. The stray dogs he was taking care of had patiently waited for him at the doorstep of the emergency room . This story took place last December, still in Brazil.


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